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Members can easily become part of the growing Human Rights Education movement in the USA by joining one of HRE USA’s organizing committees:

Collaborative Action, Policy and Advocacy Committee
This committee develops, reviews, and undertakes collaborative action projects in conjunction with HRE USA partner organizations. Projects include submitting shadow reports on HRE in the US to the United Nations, developing a HRE Curriculum Guide, and actively advocating US states to integrate HRE into education standards. CAPAC meets by teleconference, for one hour on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm EST.
>> For more information or to join, please contact: Adam Stone


Membership Committee 
This committee develops ongoing strategies to engage and grow the involvement of HRE USA individual and organizational members. This includes outreach to regional representative groups, management of the HRE resource library, and communication on how to get involved within the network. The Membership Committee meets by teleconference for one hour on the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm EST.
>> For more information or to join, please contact: Kirby Edmonds.


Development Committee 
This committee develops and carries out the fundraising goals of HRE USA including establishing relationships with and soliciting funding from prospective donors, identifying and submitting grants, and cultivating major gifts prospects for the organization. The Development Committee meets by teleconference for one hour on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm EST.
>> For more information or to join, please contact: Bill Fernekes


Archives Committee 
This committee prepares and implements the records management and archiving policies and procedures for HRE USA in order to preserve both electronic and paper records of the network’s activities and history. The Archives Committee meets by teleconference monthly.
>> For more information or to join, please contact: Bill Fernekes


Edward O’Brien Award Committee 
This committee is responsible for administering and selecting the recipients of the annual Edward O’Brien Human Rights Education Award for recognition of an outstanding contribution to human rights education in the United States. The committee meets periodically as necessary.
>> For more information or to join, please contact: Nancy Flowers



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HRE USA is a project of The Center for Transformative Action

The core values of HRE USA and its partner organizations include transparency and critical thinking skills. We believe that human rights--and human rights education--belong to everyone, and that the full realization of human rights means that access to human rights education materials must never be conditioned upon the subscription to any particular religious faith, ideology, political affiliation, or membership in any particular organization and that any organizational connections should be openly acknowledged.