Three distinct posters designed exclusively for HRE USA featuring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

Each poster is 18 x 24. Smaller versions can also easily be printed on regular letter-sized paper.


Print your own or email us to place an order. Posters are $20 plus shipping. 


This poster is an artistic rendition featuring the entire text of the UDHR surrounding the Universal symbol of Human Rights.



This poster provides a clearly stated graphical version of each of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



This poster provides a more comprehensive overview of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with an explanation of the how the rights are broken down.








HRE USA is a project of The Center for Transformative Action

The core values of HRE USA and its partner organizations include transparency and critical thinking skills. We believe that human rights--and human rights education--belong to everyone, and that the full realization of human rights means that access to human rights education materials must never be conditioned upon the subscription to any particular religious faith, ideology, political affiliation, or membership in any particular organization and that any organizational connections should be openly acknowledged.